Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Heber

How quickly we tend to forget how tiny little newborns are, or is it just me.  I just did a photo shoot of this little guy.  He was not as sleepy as we would’ve liked him to be but we still were able to get some great shots!! Here are a few of my favorites: 030 MCP  This picture shows why it’s so much easier to get photos of newborns when they are sleeping, LOL!!!027 MCP095 MCP039 MCP186 MCP

Heber started smiling while he had his binky in his mouth and so we quickly removed it and were able to get a couple of great pictures of him smiling!

138 MCP


  1. These are great! You did so great! I love the one of him trying to jump out of the basket. I know it isn't the classic sleeping baby but it captures him and his little start to a personality! Thanks so much!!

  2. I love seeing them. Excellent. (From Heber's Aunt.)


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